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The Saltburn Recovery Community

The Saltburn Recovery Community
There’s a lot of talk these days about “being authentic” and sharing “your truth”. And while I certainly think these are important things, many times these terms have been used to justify being a straight up brat and instead of “being vulnerable” we tend to spew it all out without grace or awareness of others. There’s a huge difference between tactfully sharing how you feel and what is true for you and being unaware of how this lands for others. I think we are in danger of creating an “authentic brat no boundary spiritual vomit” community if we are not careful. Ultimately the measure of your spiritual progress is not in your vocabulary or in your alter design. It’s not in how much you pray or meditate. It’s not in how much yoga you do or how alkaline your body is. At the end of the day: do others feel loved in your presence? Related articlesThe child within is a new species.LESSON 2: like all bad decisions we make, even our reenactments/dissociation off…

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We have constructed for our self an illusion a constant unremitting search for a quick fix that robs us of both our self-esteem and security.

Take a seat. Close your eyes and imagine how much you will regret if you keep living your life exactly the same way you are right now.

Compassion means to care, to feel empathy and sympathy for ourselves and others.

Do you feel worthless if you aren’t needed?

Forget your spiritual vocabulary – how do you show up and share?

Truths that hurt can uplift, however, spewing your share baggage can be damaging

Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Woodend on the Crescent and the SALTBURN RECOVERY COMMUNITY Meditational Program


4 WEEK COURSE:Power of the 12-Step Process and the gift of that power to the 12 Keys to the Kingdom.

12 Spiritual keys that unlock the 12 steps


Rob Nairn – Mindfulness & Compassion: the Ground of Insight

Meditation can be the act of focusing on something as seemingly simple as a cup of tea. The Tea Garden The Saltburn Recovery Community has a practice of tea meditation, where you pick up your tea, breathe it in, and bring your mind back to your body.